Before adopting

Why are animals abandoned?
Spain is one of the countries with higher rates of abandoned animals in the EU. Loads of these animals could have been spared such a situation if a bit more knowledge was brought up to people before they decide to have a pet.

The Affinity Trust studies report that 26 pets are abandoned every hour in our country. Some of the reasons alleged are: unwanted pregnancies, separation anxiety, allergies, moving home, changing job, hair shedding, barking, weeing, spoling the wooden floors, it got too big, I cannot look afer it properly, it is sick and so on and so forth…


If you want to share your life with a pet, adoption and not shopping is the most ethical and responsible option. If you adopt and animal, you are not only offering a new life and oppotunity to that animal, but to another one that will be able to take the free space in the animal shelter. Moreover you will not contribute to the puppy mills industry.

But before adopting an animal, you have to ask yourself if you really want the animal and can take care of it forever. This decision will bring loads of changes in your life. Adopting is an act of generosity and responsibility.

If any of the answer to the above questions is NO, but you are still interested in helping animals, maybe it would be best for you to sponsor an animal


• Acuerdo previo de todos los que deben convivir con él.

• NO regales un animal por sorpresa a nadie (da igual la edad del sorprendido).

• No vayas con ideas preconcebidas: déjate asesorar por los cuidadores del refugio, ellos conocen a cada animal y pueden asesorarte sobre su carácter y su comportamiento.

• Los cachorros no siempre son la mejor opción, su edad sólo garantiza empezar de cero, y requieren de mucho tiempo y paciencia. Los animales adultos tienen su carácter formado, son fáciles de entrenar y podrás ver sus reacciones con otros animales, niños…

• No le lleves un animal por tu cuenta a alguien que acaba de perder el suyo; esa decisión es personal y cada persona necesita un tiempo para superar su pérdida.

• JAMÁS cojas un animal “porque lo piden los niños”. Los niños no le van a sacar a primera hora de la mañana, ni a última hora de la noche ni una larga lista de etceteras. Piensa que todos tenéis que querer convivir con el animal.

• No aproveches fiestas concretas para cogerlo (Reyes, cumpleaños…) ni lo prometas a tus hijos como “premio por…”, porque lo convierte en “el regalo de” y no es una video-consola, e inconscientemente no lo respetarán nunca como el ser vivo que es.

“Un animal es una responsabilidad que deberá prolongarse durante todos los años de su vida” y muchos de estos “animales que son comprados o regalados en Navidad terminan en la calle, muriendo de hambre y frío o atropellados, cuando se podría evitar perfectamente”.

Desde la Asociación recomendamos la adopción frente a la compra, con lo que se salvarán dos vidas: la del animal que se adopta y la del que entra de la calle para ocupar su lugar en el refugio.

Adoption process

A good forever home is one of our main objectives.

The first step is to be very clear on the idea that adopting a dog or a cat, will make this animal be part of the family. This idea needs to be clear not only for the adopting, but also the near-by family.
Adopting an animal will bring wonderful times, but will also bring important changes in your life (no more unplanned outings, the aminal needs routines, needs time to be educated, holidays need to be planned in advance, the dog needs walks rain or shine, there will be hairs on the house’s floor, there will be more expenses…). Therefore you have to think twice about the decisión of sharing your life with an animal, who is not a toy.

If you are over 18, have thought about the pros and cons honestly and reflexively, and are completely convinced to adopt, please send us an email to, together with the Dog adoption questionaire or the cat adoption questionaire.. If you think you cannot take the responsibility long term, but want to help a dog or a cat, you can ponder the possibility of fostering or sponsoring one of our animals in our Collaborate option.

Once we have received your request to adopt, we will contact you to welcome you in an initial visit. Whenever we have all the necessary information, we can tell you if the animal you have chosen is the right one for you. Sometimes we chose an animal by the physique, but our way of life and activity levels are not the adecuate ones for such an animal, so we will inform you and will give you alternatives to go through a happy adoption. Finally you will be requested to sign a contract in which you will sign the acceptance of all requirements put forward by the shelter to guarantee the welbeing of the adopted animal. Remember to bring your ID card and all you might need to take the animal home with you. If the adoption is outside our area, the adopting family will be requested to come to pick up the animal or after the visits, we can sort out an animal transport that can be paid by the adopting family, independently of the adoption charges.

The mínimum adoption fee, mostly to cover vets fees, is 110 euro for dog, 150 for puppies and 70 euro for cats. The animals will be given for adoption:

  • Wormed internally and de-fleed.
  • Anti-rabies vaccinenated and yearly dates for boosters depending on age and breed.
  • Chipped and with an updated Passport.
  • With the leishmania, anaplasma, filaria and erlichia analysis tests done in dogs and the immunodeficiency and leukemia tests in cats, if it is posible due to age.
  • Neutered *
(*) If the animal is a puppy/kitten and it cannot be neutred, the adopting family should confirm they will have the animal neutered within a given time-span, clearly determined in the adoption contract. This will be an essential condition for the adoption contract to be valid. If this condition is not confirmed and done, the animal shelter could claim the animal back. If the adopting family comes back to the veterinary practice the shelter uses, the neutering procedure will be free of charge. If the adopting family choses a different veterinary practice, APAP Pirineos will refund 100 euros in case of dogs after having the original veterinay fee.

It is of utmost importance for us to point out that the adoption fees ONLY cover the vets fees that we have incurr on since we had the animal in our shelter.

If you have further questions, please do ask in any veterinary practice how much is it to chip, worm, de-flee, vaccinate, run a leishmania test and neuter an animal. This will be in between 200 and 400 euro in small to medium animals.

The fact that the adopting family helps with the vet fees is the only way we have to keep our shelter going, therefore we always call upon the adopting families generosity, as we have a lot of animals that arrive to us in extremely poor condition and they need to go through surgical procedures and their treatments can become rather expensive.

An adoption contract will be signed only by over 18’s and an ID card will need to be presented, plus all the conditions in the contract will have to be completed. We need to make clear that the animal shelter has the responsibility for life on the animal, therefore APAP Jaca can claim the animal back in case the animal is mistreated or any other condition in the contract is not complied with.

APAP Jaca is not an animal supermarket, we are a shelter for abandoned and mistreated animals. Hence our adoption process is focused on finding the best family for each of our rescued animals, and not the other way around. So please, let us advice you. Our volunteers at the shelter know best the animals we have and who can best advice you which one would fit best in your family life, depending on the caracter of the animal and your way of life.

Now we recommend you to check up our advices link, where you will find more information regarding the needs of the animals, their behaviour, false information about them and so on…