About us

APAP Pirineos in Jaca is a volunteers-run organisation founded in February 1992. It is registered with number 951 in the Regional Registry of Associations for the care of Pets in Huesca.

During more than twenty years, we have acquired loads of experience and we keep on fighting towards the same targets that made a group of fridends in 1992 get together and built a shelter on the Glacis of Jaca. Unfortunately we have not advanced much in animal protection matters and we still have in the área hundreds of abandoned, mistreated, malnurished animals and unwanted litters.

The main objetives that brought us together as still standing:

Pick up abandoned and mistreated animals: help, give shelter, food, veterinary assistance and love to the animals that arrive in our animal shelter while we look for a responsable family that could adopt, love and take care of any of them in their forever home.

Report abandoned animals and any case of animal mistreatment.

• Promote responsibility towards animals lives: an animal is not a toy, but a living and feeling being.

• Promote animal adoption: by adopting an animal you are saving two lives, the one of the animal adopted and that of the animal that will take the previous one’s place in the shelter.

• Promote animal neutering: all our animals are neutered in order to prevent unwnated litters and abandoned animals.

Control and help Street-cats colonies.

Reach out and make people aware, in order to prevent future abandoned animals: a 2014 study by the Affinity Trust showed that 16 dogs or cat are abandoned in Spain every hour.

Collaborate with other spanish or international animal shelters and trusts, with which we share our objectives, specially the last one: the push to find foever homes for all the animals in our shelter


We are a group of volunteers with an unbreakable sense of respect towards animals and nature. With the very few resources we have and the little time each one of us has, we work completely convinced of what we do, every day for the situation to change in our región.

We have always had a ‘zero sacrifice’ policy, we have only put to sleep animals due to irreversible sufering and in that moment we have been by their side, giving them a dignified passing, with loads of love for their last breath.

Our human and material means are unfortunately very limited and without our volunteers, carers, fosters, members, sponsors, collaborators and of course adopting families, this Project would have been imposible. Thanks ever so much!



En 1992 un grupo de voluntarios empezaron a construir con sus propias manos y sus ahorros un pequeño centro de recogida de animales en los Glacis de Jaca. Tras mucha dedicación y buen hacer por los animales nuestra labor fue reconocida por los ciudadanos de Jaca y en 1997 el Ayuntamiento nos cedió un terreno que había pertenecido a Eléctricas.

In 1992 a group of volunteers started to build with their hands and using their savings, a small shelter to welcome animals in the Glacis of Jaca. Loads of dedication , good will and our good doing for the animals were recognised by the City of Jaca Council in 1997 when they let us move to a different placement owned by the council.

Otra vez las manos de nuestros voluntarios, simpatizantes y colaboradores hicieron posible la construcción de un nuevo albergue. Y es en estas instalaciones humildes pero construidas con mucha ilusión y corazón donde actualmente desarrollamos nuestra labor.

Then, again the hands of our volunteers, friends and collaborators made posible to build a new shelter, where we actually are. The shelter is small and unpretentious, but we put in it loads of love and dedication.

Este año, 2016, estamos de enhorabuena el Ayuntamiento ha aprobado la construcción de un nuevo albergue y diremos adiós a las goteras y a las torres de alta tensión. Esta decisión es un signo muy positivo al escuchar la administración a la ciudadanía y darse cuenta de la importancia de las políticas de protección animal.

In 2016, the City Council aproved the planning application to build of a new shelter, so we will be able to wave goodbye to the roof leaks and the nearby electric posts. This agreement is a very positive sign that tells us the council is listening the neighbours’ voices and realising that animal trusts and shelters do a magnificient job!